Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The burger joint and the mini

So, the burger joint. It is a hotel restaurant done up to be a small hole in the wall place. They got the atmosphere right, and the burgers were great. What made this the best dinner I have ever had in NY though, was the company. Because the place is small, recently reviewed in the New York Times - it was packed. I ended up sharing the table with a couple who had been married for 32 years, but were now divorced, and a girl from Long Island now living in the city. This random meeting of total strangers made the dinner great fun. The burger was good, but the company was better.

The mini surprised me. I have not played with one before, since our local Apple store would have to order one for me. It was fast. It did not bog down playing two movies, one in HD and one in SD. Each application opened quickly, ran smoothly and was very responsive. Even with iTunes playing music and the HD movie running. All on 2 GB of RAM and a 2.0 ghz processor.

Something on this Mac was configured differently, and it had a right click on the mouse. Not sure how, since the whole top moves, but if you push on the left it reads a left click, right reads a right click.

I think I may bite the bullet and finally buy a Mac. Only a couple decisions left to make. I need to decide if I want the wireless Apple keyboard, or if I should go with the Logitech dNovo keyboard with the built in click wheel. And, do I want to put in the 4 GB right away or wait till I need a speed boost? Apple RAM is a rip off, but the thing is hard to open.

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