Monday, October 27, 2008

ASIS&T 2008 - Proflection in Cyberspace

Gary Marchionini
UNC School of Information and Library Science

We have a number of identities in cyber space, some under our controls, some not. None of these are actually me, they are reflections of me. My reflections on intentional and ambient. Intentional are reviews, friending, replies and so on. The ambient are vendor profiles, citation or credit rating. There are also projections of me - what I put forth, my intentional and ambient projections. The intentional are web pages, facebook profile or email. The ambient are click streams, records of purchase, sensor streams.

Together, the projection and the reflection make up my "proflection".

We should think through how to control these items, how to protect ourselves. What kind of "digital condom" do we need to protect and control our proflection on the web? These tools might be monitoring tools, might be warnings - might just be awareness tools.

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