Saturday, October 25, 2008

ICKM 2008 - Knowledge Management The psychology of hearing and the sociology of listening

Brenda Lloyd - Jones Professor of HR and organizational leadership

To identify contemporary stressors and their adverse impact on community members' overall sense of well being.

Use concepts of KM to explain the need for communities to be responsible for their growth and learning.

Suggest sharing professional knowledge on listening in communities - teach people to listen better.

Psychology of hearing - sometimes we hear without listening. People are heard, without being understood.
Sociology of listening - refers to studying the meaning of words and nonverbal behavior of others. Active behavior of understanding what you hear.
Community - set of interactions and human behaviors that have meaning and expectations.

Empowerment Theory: Increasing community empowerment
Sharing professional knowledge on listening in communities.
Teaching listening techniques as a method to create a community of support.

Society teaches and reinforces speaking, not listening.

Specific techniques taught were: Active listening, Empathic listening, Relationship listening.

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