Saturday, October 25, 2008

ICKM 2008 - Search Fallacies

Jay Ven Eman - CEO of Access Innovations.

Search - doesn't work!
People are spending more time looking for things, and less time analyzing the results of that time.

Mismatch between search software, audience and contents. Lacks the context of the environment.

The Holy Grail of computer science is understanding human language.

Taxonomic strategy can save search.

Taxonomy is like a map, giving the latitude and longitude, or like the Rosetta Stone.
Search is like a treasure map, fun - but not always accurate.

Taxonomies in action

Information strategy
User needs
Business drivers
Information flows
Metadata strategy
Structural elements
Promotion, advertising, training
Maintenance, upkeep

Information strategy must be done first!
Then shop for the search software.

Select search software with the features and functions that will drive your business.

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