Saturday, October 25, 2008

ICKM 2008 - 2nd day keynotes

First speaker had an interesting way of viewing knowledge management.

He views knowledge management as the curation of resources, the design of spaces for information retrieval, the examination of the value of information in the discovery process.

This different perceptive leads to interesting set of responsibilities:

  • The protection of citizens' rights to access and share information.
  • The analysis of how appropriate information access benefits a society.
  • The support of dynamic ecologies for learning, wherever they are.
  • The examination of policies and procedures governing access and use.
  • The examination of the value of information in the discovery process.
  • The curation of data collections for quality hand detail over time.
  • The design of data human interfaces that enable exploration.
  • The organization and presentation of data for exploration and use.

The second speaker is Tom Froehlich from Kent State University.
He reviewed the Information Architecture Knowledge Management program at Kent State University. He discussed the program, its challenges and its growth.

He discussed some of the interrelations between tacit and implicit and explicit knowledge. This impacts directly to knowledge "transfer" in a university course. They are trying to change this by aiming the courses to be 1/4 theory and 3/4 practice.

The material he covers is not as applicable to us, although it is an interesting perspective on the education Sarah Bond and Jason Richardson have gained.

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