Saturday, October 25, 2008

ICKM 2008 - Towards a consensus on KM capabilities concepts: evidence from a Delphi study

Jean-Pierre Booto - Professor of IT, owner IBI Canada.

He defined three pillars of discussion within knowledge management, KM process, KM infrastructure and KM skills.

The goal of his study was to define these three pillars and to determine which terms we use in KM best fit under each pillar. The entire scope would be considered as KM capabilities.

Study found that there is consensus on KM process and KM infrastructure, but no consensus on KM skills.

He gave a detailed overview of the Delphi process and his criteria for selecting the experts.

More interestingly, he described a Capacity Maturity Model he is developing for Knowledge Management. It is currently only available in French, but he promised to forward it to me for translation.

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