Saturday, October 25, 2008

ICKM 2008 - Experience in knowledge management measurement: Ecopetrol Story

The speaker is Sonia Castro a 21 year employee of Ecopetrol, with a master degree in Chemical Engineering.

Company moved from a State run monopoly into a independent company. As part of this change they moved to a single KM platform.
4 questions:
1) What is the technology?
2) What do we want to incorporate in the company - what are our principles?
3) Who does what?
4) How do we communicate?

Created a new single corporate program to achieve the answers to these questions, with a new set of tools.

Started with the premises that knowledge sustainability is not a fact, but a process.

5 steps to the process of sustaining knowledge.
1) Agree that there is a better practice - something needs to be changed.
2) Update and develop a the better practice, including documentation
3) Update people's competencies
4) Implementation
5) Sustain - systemic training.

This process helps identify measurable instances. These were used to develop a model, with landmarks and measurement of those landmarks. Strong measurement process, with verification and dashboard for following the process.

They have now implemented story telling as an additional method of gathering data.

How to measure the impact on business of KM is still a concern.
Corporate policy has made it less difficult to implement an efficiency process measurement.
Having a simple and daily model allows people to share a common language which facilitates the communication between the business and the KM group, or the strategy and the tactics.

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